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Before and After

I’ve just recovered from a few days of not being too well. Visited the local doc and his first advice was ‘don’t drink anything cold’. Well as some of you know, that’s been my soapbox cry for years, so I … Continue reading

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After the storm

The sun’s out again but the forecast is still for more rain. The damage in the garden is pretty bad and these trees will need to be cut up before they can be moved. Not a job for me I’m … Continue reading

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Rain, rain go away

And this was the lull before the storm. During the night it got stormy and by morning there were 6 trees down in the garden and flood warnings all round this area. It rained so much that the fish pond … Continue reading

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Sydney Saturday

Stayed with friends in Wollongong and took the train into Sydney. I felt really welcome as they’ve even given me my own station. How fab is that? So we went to see the most famous icons in Sydney – the … Continue reading

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Before leaving Canberra: These Sulphur Crested Cockatoos become incredibly noisy in the late afternoon. They’re the biggest parrots I’ve seen here – and they don’t stop for a photo so I’m pretty chuffed I got this one. Mind you, I … Continue reading

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The parliament building here is spectacular. It’s palatial – even the ladies’ loos have marble walls! You can only see it if you do some zooming in, but the two national symbols are the kangaroo and the emu, which are … Continue reading

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Who’s this?

Had to get a photo of this famous Australian icon. No prizes for the answer.

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Surprising Australia

Bet this is not the first thought of an Australian view! We did make it to Thredbo but the road in to the village was quite exciting with no line markings or roadside barriers and sheer drops, mostly on the … Continue reading

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Melbourne Moments

I love Melbourne – it’s what everyone said it would be – arty, crafty, old & new side by side, with character and also edgy. We went shopping in the designer/maker area – slightly more expensive than TK Maxx so … Continue reading

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Road Trip Update

Had a great run down to Melbourne. I now understand what they mean by ‘the big sky’. At times you can see 360 degrees as far as the horizon and you actually see the curve of the earth. It’s trully … Continue reading

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