Rain, rain go away

And this was the lull before the storm. During the night it got stormy and by morning there were 6 trees down in the garden and flood warnings all round this area.

Like fish in water

Like fish in water

It rained so much that the fish pond overflowed and when we went out in the afternoon, during a blink of dry weather, we found dozens of them on the grass. We were quite astonished to find that when we picked them up and put them back in the water, they were (mostly) still alive. So that’s a few lives saved today.

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3 Responses to Rain, rain go away

  1. Margaret M says:

    So you are a qualified lifeguard now. A good story! – keep the blog going we are all enjoying tracking your travels. Got your PC today.

  2. Fergy says:

    It does seem a like a bit of a coincidence that Australia gets its worst weather in 50 years when you turn up! I would keep clear of the authorities just in case they think it’s related!

  3. Andrew Cramb says:

    Well that is how life on land originated. Makes a change from frogs. Any sign of mudskippers yet ? Fergy, better for Vera to annoy Oz authorities and leave UK authorities alone.

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