Uptown girl

Went up to Agdal, the posh part of town today to find a hairdresser.  The water is so hard, my hair was like straw and my skin is like leather.  Got a shampoo, conditioner and a head massage for under a fiver. Fabulous, I’d never have washed my own hair in the tiny shower here if I’d known. Looked into the shops, not outstandingly cheap, t-shirts at £12, wee jacket £35, trousers £20 – I can get those prices at TK Maxx, but I suppose they were brands which are known here.  I saw an Etam shop, don’t know if it’s the same as the UK shops, think they went out of business.  Also saw McDonlads and KFC so I was definitely in the young, trendy area. I had tea and sat outside so I could watch them passing from college or school.  Sprayed-on jeans for girls and falling-down jeans for boys seemed to be the thing.  And not many scarves in this age group. The future look of Morocco

By way of complete contrast, Callum, Yusuf and I had lunch in this crazy food place at the back of the market, totally local, you’d never find a tourist in there, but Yusuf’s been here for 8 months and speaks Arabic so we were treated to a unique experience.  It’s rough and ready, but the food is freshly made, very tasty and incredibly cheap.

Where the locals eat

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