Had a happy mothers day

We went out for breakfast, then in the afternoon, we went on a picnic, somewhere in Adil’s car which we would never have found otherwise, way off the beaten track.  There were 6 of us in all, four of us all squashed in the back, but no one seems to care, even passed police who didn’t turn an eye in our direction.  So we sat by a lake, looking over towards low hills with wee houses, it could have almost been Scotland, except that the grass is coarser and the ground more stoney.  We played Moroccan card games after eating, then Callum, Adil and I went for a wee boat trip, just a 20 minute out and back, but that was exciting for me.

Mothers Day boat trip


All the picnickers

All the picnickers

Went back to Dar Naji in the evening, and managed to get a photo in the fab Berber tent out the back.

Me in the tea tent

Been quiet since then, just pottering about on the terrace, reading, going for lunch, having tea and cake, going for dinner – doesn’t sound too hard, does it?


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