Domestic disasters

First the washing machine broke down, but was fixed first thing the next morning. Then I plugged in my computer to the wall socket in my room and the TV standby lights went out, so did the room and more importantly, the light in the toilet. So we had to tell the landlord. The electrician arrived at 7pm on Saturday night – and worded until 12.30 to get the problem fixed.  I wonder what that would have cost in the UK?  So I had to have a toilet visit (now remember the description of the tiny toilet/shower room) with a wind-up torch!

We think we’re all fixed up again now.  Callum went to Fez to collect Fergus, so we had a full house last night, as Yusuf also had some (about 20) friends round.  They all come to admire the view from the terrace, and they’re always impressed.   And now it’s warm at night too, then really hot during the day, so perhaps we’ve moved from winter to spring now.

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