Nearly lost

Well I would be, as it’s Oudaya I stay in, not Boudaya, just as well I haven’t needed to ask how to get home.  The streets are so tiny and they do all look pretty similar, so you have to look out for the landmarks like the phone, the big brown door with the rivets, and so on.

Enjoyed shopping for domestic stuff yesterday in the medina, my only hope of getting out was to keep going either forward or right, as it’s bounded by a rectangular wall, so you have to come out eventually.  And what is the French for brush and dust pan anyway?  I find miming is a good communicator but obviously I’m not very good at it as I was offered a toilet brush first.

We have a tiny, tiny shop just about 50 yds from our door, and then there are lots of wee shops about 100 yds further on – that’s local shopping indeed, and it’s great.  You just go for what you need right now – bread fresh for breakfast, and a big jug of freshly squeezed orange juice, all for £1.30.

View from terrace, Rabat

Our white door and blue shutters

One entrance to Oudaya



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