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Have been getting out and about seeing stuff.  Found a pottery shop for women’s work from different parts of Morocco, where Prince Charlie & his missus bought 6 things.  I know that because there’s a photo of them on the wall beside the list of items they bought, with the price of each item. Now that’s what I call marketing.

Also wandered into a carpet factory and was made to sit – I do mean made to sit – with three of the women who were having lunch.  I was then given a hunk of bread and taught how to eat with 2 fingers and a thumb, right hand only.  It’s way more difficult that you would think, mostly because you have to get your fingers in the food, and that’s what we’ve been brought up not to do. Then I had a cup of Moroccan tea, never use a spoon, pour one glass, from a great height to oxygenate the tea, pour the tea back in the pot, repeat, then serve.  After that one of them took me to sit beside her at the loom while she started back to work.

Walked across town to visit Hassan II Tower and Mausoleum, quite spectacular buildings and there’s a guard at each of the four doorways, and inside at each corner.  Where they get them I don’t know, but each one is more handsome than the last. I suppose it’s good for the tourist image of Moroccans.

Had a bar-b-cue at night, yes, on our tiny terrace.  I stayed out of the way completely as this really is man’s work, isn’t it?  We had about 15 people at one point, I was beginning to wonder if the terrace would hold up.  But only 5 women (including me), and only 2 Moroccan women.  You really don’t see a lot of women around in the evening, lots and lots of men of all ages but only a few women, and they’re mainly older and not out just to have fun.  I suppose that will change in time.

Hassan II Mausoleum


Terrace Party Antics

Terrace Party Antics

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