Boudaya visitors

Callum has met lots of interesting people here, so we had 6 visitors on the terrace this afternoon. And the terrace isn’t very big, but I managed to serve tea in our 3 cups and 6 glasses, so that made me feel like I was more at home than a visitor myself.  We had 2 Moroccans, 1 Russian, 1 Lithuanian and two Koreans – not what you’d expect, is it?

Today was a bit of domestic day, washing, cleaning, so just hoping the washing’s still on the line tomorrow morning, as it’s not dry yet, and I didn’t bring many clothes pegs.  Ah well, if it’s all gone, we’ll just have to go shopping…

The internet’s not fast enough at the moment to upload photos, but hopefully soon I will be able to share one of two little gems.

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  1. Andrew Cramb says:

    What are Koreans doing in Morocco ?? !!!

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