Rabat arrival

Arrived Thursday evening in the oldest part of Rabat, where tiny, narrow houses huddle together around passsageways of uneven cobbles, twisting and twining – I manages to go out on my own today and find my way back, which is quite a feat I think. ┬áThe view is stunning, particularly at sunrise and sunset.

My first impressions are of colourful tiles, rich red-brown walls with beautiful arches, square mosque towers and friendly people.


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3 Responses to Rabat arrival

  1. Linda says:

    Impressed with you finding your way around. Sounds a very intersting place, especially the sunsets from your balcony.

  2. Andrew Cramb says:

    How is the bird-watching ?

  3. Vera says:

    Andrew, haven’t seen anything more interesting that a sparrow and maybe a dove of some kind..not sure why.

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