Flew from Alice Springs to Melbourne (a short 2.4 hours) to arrive in their coldest spell for decades! Actual frost on the ground – I was surprised to see they water the garden after frost to prevent the veggies from freezing. Can’t see that working in Edinburgh! Had a great day in the city centre, fantastic shopping arcades (posh that is), and a giant Uniqlo, where I bought 2 merino cardigans – yes cardigans. Seemed like a good idea for Scotland too. Also went to a very interesting butcher shop in the local market – guess what we had for dinner that night?

2015-07-18 01.35.19 2015-07-17 02.24.31

On Sunday we went to the botanics, on a very cold but sunny day (-1 overnight) and saw some very strange Australian plants and some familiar looking trees too.

2015-07-19 10.48.382015-07-19 11.09.58

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  1. Celia says:

    That’s not fair I wish we had Uniqlo!
    Have sent you an invitation via your email xxx

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