Some adventures

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This photo was taken on the day we went to visit a couple of schools to deliver some materials (and a wee bit of chocolate) from schools in Brisbane to schools suffering from post-cyclone loss. We went there with our mini bus and driver as it’s the only way to get 12 people around at once. All the buses have names across the top of the windscreen. Ours was ‘Smashing Success’. Another one I saw was ‘Job Marley’. Anyway, he was great for local knowledge. So the kids and fathers went down to the river while we women looked around the kindergarten. Emma, the teacher told us she has two sittings of classes, one finishes at 11am then the next one starts afterwards. 19 kids in each class!
So look closely and you’ll see the tallest person in the river is holding a baby, that’s our Kelly and baby Wyatt (20 months). By the time we were all at the river, the local kids were climbing up the bank and jumping in, so guess what – yes our Kelly did too – with baby in his arms! And not from the lowest part either, it must have been about 10ft at least. The locals have been talking about it ever since. And what did baby Wyatt say afterwards? A wee finger pointed to the sky and he said ‘more’. But the 5 mums on the bank couldn’t take any more, so we made the schoolteacher tell him ‘enough’!

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  1. Andrew Cramb says:

    “Job Marley” !!!!

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