Northern Lights

Went to beautiful Beauly then on to Thurso with the fabulous 55 club (that’s £15 return anywhere in Scotland if you can prove you’re over 55). Yet again, I spent most of the sunny times on the train and when I got back sweltered from Inverness, the rain started before I got to the supermarket for my shopping. What is it with me and weather. It has since rained for a week, then got a bit cooler, now so-so! Thurso is famous for stone slabs and slate, as you can see they put it to good use


We also went to Fort Augustus where the town was full of Indian and Chinese visitors – a sign of the times. Fort Augustus is at the end of Loch Ness, hence the Nessie sculpture which will be topiarised (?) in due course. It gets pretty hot in that hat in summer, he tells me.


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