Blues Festival

Yes – it’s officially the wettest, muddiest one ever. So glad I saw history in the making. But as you can see, it didn’t stop us having a grand time.

bluesfest2009-004 bluesfest2009-003 bluesfest2009-001

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4 Responses to Blues Festival

  1. chmac says:

    You published 4 photos in 4 separate posts. It is possible to put them all int he same post one after another. Just repeat the process that you used to insert the first one…

  2. Fergy says:

    Alas…she has boys that have admin access that can that kind of thing for her!

    Now i could be wrong, but you look like the only one in a pink anorak with matching socks! Not matching at a muddy blues festival really would be a crime!

  3. Gavin Douglas says:

    Hi Vera,

    Ive just been cathcing up with all your blog. Looks like your still having a great time!
    It was nice weather here over the weekend too.
    Im going to a gig in Edinburgh this Friday the 17th April to see Shane MacGowan and the Sharon Shannon Band. need to see him about some more gig offers we have- in the USA!
    Any way I was looking for a place to crash for the night, but guess you wont be there!!!!
    I know that John Clarckson is up there I’ll try and get in touch with him.
    Keep on taking the great pics and videos, its been great fun following you around.
    Take care
    Gavin x

  4. Andrew Cramb says:

    MacDonald boys,
    Please don’d muddy the waters !

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