Performing parrots – not

Rainbow lorikeet

Rainbow lorikeets in the umbrella tree

I’ve been trying to video these gorgeous birds for days now but they just won’t perform when I’m around, even when I’m hiding behind the shed or under the washing line or the hedge. So I’ve given up and taken a couple of photos instead. It’s another sound I’ve come to associate with here, when they come swooping over the verandah, then squabble with the Noisy Miner birds about who gets the best branch to sit on.

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3 Responses to Performing parrots – not

  1. Andrew Cramb says:

    Can’t quite make out which species from the photos. Any thoughts ?

  2. Vera says:

    Aha – so my photography isn’t as good as it could be – well, according to whatsisname & whatsisname (the definitive book) they should be Rainbow Lorikeets?

  3. Andrew Cramb says:

    That looks right. The only similar bird is the Red-collared Lorikeet which seems to be confined to N. Australia.

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