Bush turkies are not just for Christmas

Bush turkies are not just for Christmas

There are two of these nesting beyond the end of the garden so they come wandering through regularly looking for niblets or straw to push back to their nest. They do this by sweeping it backwards with their feet – very clever indeed as they now have a heap about 2′ high and about 2 m circumference. Like all Aussies, they’re very hard workers.

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3 Responses to Bush turkies are not just for Christmas

  1. Andrew Cramb says:

    Looks like an Australian Brush-Turkey. Keep the bird photos coming !

  2. Vera says:

    I’m trying, but they just won’t sit still until I get my camera focussed. Watched a cookaburra yesterday, so will try to get that, and Crimson Rosellas at the bird bath. I’m now travelling without the book, so not sure what I’m seeing.

  3. Andrew Cramb says:

    Vera, I am so jealous !!!!

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