Been to Byron Bay

Went to Byron Bay yesterday afternoon. It’s quite the busiest resort in the area, with lots of backpackers but also some more ‘aspirational, alternative’ types so it’s got galleries and a bit of a new agey feel to it too. It’s mainly about surfing though it was a bit dull yesterday – not that that stopped them, but it did stop me taking any decent photos. Having dinner sitting outside watching the people coming and going made it a real holiday treat for me. I do love people watching.
As the weather wasn’t so nice, we’d gone to Kingscliff (a small town near here with an upmarket holiday atmosphere) in the morning and yes – I did a bit of shopping. For those who know me well, it won’t be a surprise to know I bought a new pair of shoes. (Can you ever have too many?) Very Australian style, so they may not be so cute once I get them home, but they’ll be good for walking around the city (Sydney, later).
A few of us are going to a blues festival next Monday which will be my first ever music festival – and it sounds like Glastonbury – a mud field! I’m on the hunt for a pair of gum boots (or wellies to you and me) as I forgot to pack mine. The only ones I’ve seen so far are very decorated, ultra cool, but at £100, not really what I need.
The sun’s out today, so I’m dedicated to trying to get a tan as I’m still a bit peely-wally by local standards. And one does like to try to blend in.

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  1. rachel says:

    Hiya! Sounds like you are having a great time! Did you contact Fiona at all – probably too busy with the mud and blues…the two go together well….sounds like you have taken to Oz like a platypus to water and really impressed by the wildlife on film – just disappointed no action shots of blood and leeches….Have good times- its hailing here- love Rachel D

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