Even more snow

Here’s Linda’s back garden in Inverurie. She has to dig her way out daily and won’t be able to use her car till spring!

What are these lumps?

What are these lumps?

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3 Responses to Even more snow

  1. Sharyn n Den says:

    it is extraordinary to think you are under such icy conditions when i sit her in my coolest loose dress but then again it can also be bloody unbearable and the only thing is to stay cool and take a nap!
    – why won’t she be able to use the car till spring?

  2. Vera says:

    …because she’ll have to wait until the snow melts to be able to get into her garage, as her access is also 3ft deep…not literally spring tho’!

  3. Linda says:

    Oh, slight exagerstion I think, but yes it is bad – now have a burst pipe in the garage, even though the water was shut off. Just as well my son is a plumber.

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