Boys and their toys

I went with Fergus to Knockhill racing circuit on Wednesday – and to my own surprise had a great time. I could sort of understand why it’s so exciting – tho’ I didn’t want to take up the offer of three laps in the back of an F1 racer, with a professional driver, going at 120 mph – tho’ I was tempted! While waiting for the start I saw this young, slightly geeky, bespectacled boy come in with all the fancy gear on and decided he was trying to improve his cool factor by hanging out at Knockhill. Who was he? Well, the professional driver in the F1 car of course! He didn’t look old enough for a driving licence! But Fergus had a blast, as you can see.

'Now don't go too fast, son!'

'Now don't go too fast, son!'

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