Marvellous Maleny

Marvellous Middlepath

Marvellous Middlepath

It would be too difficult for me to explain what Fergus & Trijntje do here, so I’m just going to give you the web address and you can see for yourselves.

Maloolaba Surf Club

Maloolaba Surf Club

Had lunch in this restaurant on the beach and sat at a window seat looking right over the lifegaurd’s hut. Just like Baywatch, I saw this hunky chappie stroll up the beach in all his bronzed glory, and head up into the hut – sorry girls, I just wasn’t quick enough with the camera!

So now I’m ready for the big road trip, heading inland to make our way slowly down to Melbourne. Just my luck, the snow has arrived 6 weeks early in Thredbo so I don’t know how we’re going to get on come Wednesday if it doesn’t warm up by then, as we only have one pair of wellies between us. Just my luck to hit unseasonal snow!

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5 Responses to Marvellous Maleny

  1. Sheila says:

    I want to go there! Sitting at my desk setting a second paper for EFL4 (several students need to take it at an earlier date than timetabled) -I’d love to go to that sanctuary – looks like paradise!

  2. Andrew Cramb says:

    Vera, Grab that hunky guy !!!

  3. Andrew Cramb says:

    Vera, PS. Looks like good snake country !

  4. Andrew Cramb says:

    Vera, I am here in Comrie with Mum whois enjoying your blog, but is not sure which is more dangerous, hunks or snakes.

  5. Andrew Cramb says:

    “who is ” !

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