Swimming with dolphins – not

Lots of tourists opt for the opportunity to swim with dolphins but instead I go dipping with dogs! And for those who know my fear of water – and dogs – this is surely a landmark moment. Sharyn (Jeannie’s neighbour here, and pool owner) is also in the pool, just in case I frighten her dog. It was sunny, warm and the welcome from Sharyn & Russell was wonderful. could a day be any better?
We stopped for shopping at the local store (the one Germaine Greer also uses, but we didn’t bump into her) which is a good old fashioned all purpose place, post office, food, coffee and general groceries. Not quite like Sainsbury’s – much better.

Water babes

My new best friend

Shop local

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3 Responses to Swimming with dolphins – not

  1. Ann Peat says:

    G’Day Mate!

    Good to hear you’re having a good time. When do you get back?

    We’re just back from South Africa – 3 weeks of beautiful weather, scenery, food, wine and interesting places. Brilliant holiday and I recommend it for your next trip.

    Did you bump into Helen in Byron Bay or Sydney. She’s working in a restaurant called “Hugo’s” in Manly, Sydney, if you get back there (where are you actually staying?)

    We’ve come back to cold, miserable haar-like weather but i believe it’s to pick up at the weekend.

    Ann and Ronnie

  2. Linda says:

    I must let Kelly and Claire see photo of Vera and dog in swimming pool!!

  3. Fergy says:

    You scare the dog…or the other way round!?

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