April’s Food Day

It’s a scorcher!  Blazing sunshine and not a cloud to be seen.  Had freshly squeezed fruit juice for breakfast with toast and a home grown banana.  Spotted a cuckooburra in the nearest tree and shooed the cheeky wee lizard from the verandah.  He’s so keen to be amongst us we caught him climbing up a chair the other day.  From experience, I’m told they shouldn’t be allowed near/in the house as the last one was found nestling between two cushions on the sofa – not a good palce for a lizard when you lie back to watch the telly.

I finally went to the chemist yesterday and got some hard core spray for my mozzie bites as they were driving me mad, especially at night, so I’m sleeping under a net now and we’ll see how that goes.  It must be that guid Scots bluid but I’ve got a crop of about 20 of them all around the back of my neck – ouch.

I’m not really getting a handle on the time zones, either with home, or here.  I’m in New South Wales and here it’s an hour different from Queensland – but Queensland’s only about 10 miles away, so we go there regularly and arrive before the shops are open.  Maybe it will be better when our time changes again at the end of this week – or maybe not!

I think what strikes me most about sitting on the verandah is the variety of different noises and all strange to me – Noisy Miner Birds, Green Parrots, Rainbow Lorikeets are three I now recognise, but then there’s a barking gecko which is a wee lizard which scoots about the ceiling making a noise like a dog.  Add to this the possum running over the roof and it’s just a whole world of unfamiliarity.

I feel totally at home now, though, completely settled in.  When I walked to the shops and got a hoot and wave from a passing motor bike (even if it was my host Dennis) I think that did it.  I’m still having a few technical problems with the blog, so be patient for the photos and/or videos.

And as for April Fool’s Day – we don’t have it here…that I know of…I’ll have to go now as apparently there’s a kangaroo knocking at the back door looking for its breakfast.

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9 Responses to April’s Food Day

  1. Alan Gao says:

    Dear vera,

    enjoy stay . enjoy sunshire .


  2. chmac says:

    Sounds like you’re settling in and getting the hang of this blogging business. 🙂

  3. Claire says:

    Vera, that’s such an alluring description of life in a NSW garden. I want to be there. Actually, it’s rather lovely in the Cotswolds too, with magnolias and blossom trees everywhere, but all our brows are furrowed with worry as the G20 gathers in Downing Street (Is 1st April a good date to choose?).
    I feel as if I’ve come to the Vera-blog mid story. Where have you been so far and who is everyone?

  4. Fergy says:

    Shooing away lizards! You nearly got me there…April fools right! There’s no way you’d be out on the balcony with lizards without bullet proof clothing, a full face mask and rubber gloves!

    PS i didn’t know kangaroos could knock! I guess if they can punch….

  5. Pauline says:

    Wow! What a life!
    Good to see you having fun.

  6. Johnny says:

    Yes … you nearly got me too. I reckon the lizard was on the verandah and YOU were up the tree.

    Great that you have settled in so quickly and enjoying the sunshine. Pottsville looks lovely on Google Earth.

  7. Heather Potten says:

    Hi there
    Is this a permanent move? Had no idea you were off to OZ! How fab…

  8. Sheila & Anne says:

    Greetings from a sunny Edinburgh. It’s actually not bad here today! We enjoyed reading your blog – it all sounds wonderful. Just about to answer your email – so give you all the Napier news in that!

    Have fun xx

  9. Vera says:

    Fergy – I swear there’s a water dragon daily on the verandah ans as soon as I learn how, I’ll post s short video of him which will show you just how close I got…who said zoom?

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