The verandah and the garden

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  1. Ma Xin says:

    Hi Vera, I am so happy to see your blog. Is it your new house up? It seems a fairy tale world you live. When did you arrivel Australia? I have read your prose. It is so beautiful, even if there are a lot of words I need check dictionary. I admire you have so love life there now. Please show me more photos, I want to see you.

    Last time you asked me what kind of fruit in my photo? It is coconuts. Are there any coconut in Australia? I don’t remember.

    Have a fantastic time every day, please more and more photos about you I want to see you soon.

    Love and take care

    Ma Xin

  2. Gavin Douglas says:

    Hi Vera
    Love your blog from Aus!
    It looks beautifull, and sounds like your having a great time.
    Enjoy that lovely fruit, and Ill be keeping an eye on your latest blogs!
    Lots of love

  3. Kelly says:

    Ah this looks so beautiful! I am very jealous.
    Very cold here!!

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